The first Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was written by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988. Since its inception, the protocol has been use in over 60 countries across the globe. This is a chat system that people come together to chat as groups or in private. Members all over the world can connect to one of the IRC servers and chat with other members who are on the same network. One of the popular IRC networks is the IRCnet

How does IRCnet work?

IRC is a system that uses the client-server method whereby the client will connect to a server. The server acts as a central point through which the clients connect to each other. They will also use the server to deliver their messages and perform other functions. As many as 15000 people can connect to the same server!


IRCnet clients and servers

The IRC server will echo a message that has been sent by one user to all the other users that are connected on the network. The messages are echoed through channels that the user is using. This will bring the illusion that the users are in one virtual room.

When you sign up with IRCnet, you will get your login details that will allow you to log into the server that you chose to be the default. Many chat rooms will be on in the server so you get to choose which one you want to join. When you send a message in the chat room, your client application will send the message to the server using the internet which then echoes the message to each user that is connected to the chat room you are in instantly.

The moment the server receives the message, it copies it and then echoes it at a very high speed using fiber and copper connections. The speed that the messages are relayed to the users is so fast that it brings out the illusion that each person is connected to each one directly.

IRC Networks

IRC networks come about due to the connections between the different IRC servers. When connected, the networks will share channels thus making individual servers to come together and thus increase the number of chat rooms and users.
Each IRCnet server in a network will connect to any of the servers that are already on the network. It will be able to exchange traffic with that server such that any server that is connected will have all the chat rooms and messages that are being exchanged in the chat rooms.

The networks will work to make you feel that you are on one common room. Sometimes the network you are using may be busy, but you will still get the messages as if you are communicating in real time. You can’t believe it, but

What is IRC? (Internet Relay Chat) How do I connect to it?

Uploaded by thisweekinlinux on Nov 22, 2010… Not a terribly complex tutorial, but I needed to do something to get back into the habit of screencasting. Enjoy!

IRCnet Channels

Channels are text based virtual rooms where users meet to chat. The channel provides a virtual space whereby as long as you are connected to the internet and the IRCnet, you can join and talk with other people who have already joined.
The best thing with a channel is that you can leave one anytime you feel like and join another one that suits you. The IRCnet client application allows you to join and interact with users in more than one channel at the same time.

There are so many channels on IRCnet that you can try. These come according to the common subject that people in it are talking about. These range from politics, beauty, health and fitness, books, adult topics and many more. You can get the channels you have interest in on the network by using the list command. You can also get the channels according to the geographic location of the users. The geographic location does not mean you will not be able to join the channel, you can be a “virtual tourist” in the channel.


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It is possible for you to create your own channel. You need to choose a channel name that is unique and does not already exist on the server. When you create a channel on IRCnet, you become the operator automatically and you can invite friends to join or wait for them to join on their own. The topic of the channel is the one that will be seen by someone who types in a list command. You can assign the operator status to someone else or make another person the operator so that you are more than two.
IRCnet has been in operation for some time now and it has undergone some changes according to user preferences and the advancement of technology. Our new modern internet is something quite unlike that which it was, and with the visions of sci-fi writers, and other thought leads, many things have developed in ways that likely never would have been anticipated. Take portable electronics, Google Glass and new wearable network technology may have been a sparkle in some creative thinkers mind, whereas something like these electronic cigarettes I don’t think anyone would have predicted; well perhaps Philip K. Dick.

The simulacra of Dick’s fiction and Boudriard’s writing and philosophy is very present in ways we feel but do not yet know how to describe. Not always positive, or at least comfortable – William Gibson’s particularly skillful and what I tend to describe as psychedelic poetry (in the best sense) and remains perhaps the most vital writing for the feeling-tone evoked astonishly 30 years ago now with Neuromancer’s publication. And cyberspace was born, from minds to matter and sumersaulting back into some heroic, terrifying and ultimately future present of our own unraveling.

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